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An exclusive project of Classical Music Concerts

Technopolis 20 in collaboration with private initiatives and sponsorship, organises high-quality classical music concerts, supporting local talented musicians and hosting world-famous musicians from abroad.

If you wish to support the project please contact us by email:

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Past Events


Concert at Ancient Odeon K.Paphos, 16 June 2024


The Alpine Brass Quintet graced the Ancient Odeon in Paphos with a stunning performance. Against the backdrop of the historic lighthouse and a breathtaking sunset, the quintet enchanted the audience with their masterful renditions.
The evening featured a rich and diverse programme, from classical favorites to contemporary pieces, all performed with impeccable skill and passion. The harmonious melodies and dynamic range of the quintet created an unforgettable experience. The musicians' warm interaction with the audience added a personal touch, making the evening even more memorable.
The Alpine Brass Quintet featured the five virtuoso musicians: Immanuel Richter, principal trumpet of the Basel Symphony Orchestra; Laurent Tinguely, principal trumpet in the Zurich Opera Orchestra; Joan Bernat Sanchis, principal horn of the Zurich Opera Orchestra; Daniel Schädeli, principal tuba in the Berne Symphony Orchestra and the Gstaad Festival Orchestra and Vicente Climent Calatayud, principal trombone of the Bern Symphony Orchestra.
The Ancient Odeon, with its excellent acoustics, provided the perfect setting for this musical journey, enhancing the rich tones of the brass instruments. The serene ambiance of the lighthouse and the beautiful sunset made the night even more special. 
Thank you to everyone who joined us for this magical event. Stay tuned for more unforgettable performances with Technopolis 20 Classics from September!

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