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"Sparks of Music"
2 pianos, works for 4 & 8 hands

Saturday, 24 February 2024, 19:00

Markideio Theatre Paphos

Experience the harmonious synergy of four remarkable pianists as the Piano Quartet, based in Paphos, graces the Markideio Theatre once again with their enchanting performance titled 'Sparks of Music'. Prepare to be immersed in a mesmerizing showcase of musical masterpieces designed for four and eight hands across two pianos.

Natalia Legendova, Nina Ioannidou, Ivelina Ruseva, and Galina Dimova united their talents during the 2017 'Winter Festival' in Paphos, discovering a shared expressive style that propelled the creation of the Piano Quartet. This dynamic ensemble's repertoire predominantly features works tailored for four, six, and eight hands

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Classical Music Concert Series

  • Solo Piano Concert with Vitaly Starikov
    Solo Piano Concert with Vitaly Starikov
    Sun, 03 Mar
    Markideio Theatre
    03 Mar 2024, 18:00
    Markideio Theatre, Andrea Geroudi 18, Paphos 8010, Cyprus
    The Classical Music Concert Series “Technopolis 20 Classics” proudly announce its highly anticipated first concert of the new year featuring the exceptional pianist Vitaly Starikov.
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