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Italian Piano Recital with Anita Tomasevic

Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 20:00

Technopolis 20

The pianist Anita Tomasevic presents a solo piano concert at Technopolis 20, on Tuesday, 14th of November at 8pm. Anita will present an Italian piano recital, with works by the following composers, M. Frescobaldi, D. Scarlatti, C. Ferrari, Bach/Busoni.

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Classical Music Concert Series

  • CHRISTMAS CONCERT: ''Rêverie'' for Bassoon and Harp
    CHRISTMAS CONCERT: ''Rêverie'' for Bassoon and Harp
    Thu, 07 Dec
    Attikon Multicultural Space
    07 Dec, 20:00
    Attikon Multicultural Space, QCGC+JXJ, Evagora Pallikaridi, Paphos 8010, Cyprus
    “Technopolis 20 Classics” presents its annual Christmas Concert,. For this special occasion, the bassoonist Mavroudes Troullos and the harpist Eleonora Congiu, join forces to present a programme of chamber music and to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

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