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Reservations Until:06/10/2019 04:00
Starts on:07/10/2019 06:00
Ends on:07/10/2019 08:00


The talented 12 years old boy Soprano/ Treble, Edgar Evoyan invite you to a unique concert at Technopolis 20, on Sunday, 6th of October, at 8pm.

Along with Zara Barkhoudarian (piano/soprano) will perform Opera, Neapolitan and Musicals in English, Italian, Greek, Russian and Armenian.

Edgar Evoyan won the 'Galaxy of Talents' in Limassol and has recently taken the 1st prize in the 5th International Russian music competition in Nicosia.

Entrance: 12 euro (membership cards not valid)
Reservations necessary at 70002420 (calls only).
Sponsor: Deputy Ministry of Tourism


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