23 Jul
h. 20:30

A starry jazzy night with the ‘Mood Indigo’

A musical journey in times of old, long gone era of classic swing, on Monday, 23rd of July 2018, at 8:30pm, with the ‘Mood Indigo’ that have returned from their concerts in Germany at the Dusseldorf Jazz Rally!
30 Jul
h. 20:30

Arte Music Academy Jazz Orchestra

Enjoy an uplifting evening, filling your senses with the magnificent sound of the unforgettable era of the great jazz orchestras, with the Arte Music Academy Jazz Orchestra, on Monday, 30th of July at Technopolis 20, at 8:30pm.
10 Aug
h. 20:30

Jazz the 3 of us

‘Jazz the 3 of us’ is a newly-formed jazz trio that will perform for the first time at Technopolis 20 in Paphos, on Friday, 10th of August 2018, at 8:30pm. The band features the deep friendship between the three musicians, Loukas Louka on the keys, Stefanos Pontos on the bass and guitar, and Philipp Psillides on the drums. They have been active in the Cypriot jazz scene during the last 10 years and have had many performances as members of various other jazz ensembles in various music scenes around Cyprus, such as the well-known Sarah's Jazz Club in Nicosia.
23 Aug
h. 20:30

Summer Jazz Music Concert Series

The Odysseas Toumazou Trio is a newly formed project dedicated to performing original compositions and arrangements, shaped by the composer’s Cypriot background. The trio will perform for the first time at Technopolis 20 stage, on Thursday, 23rd of August 2018, at 8:30pm.