22 Jan
h. 20:00

‘Once upon a time’: Soundtracks from old movies and musicals

Travel back in time, with well-known soundtracks from old movies and musicals, on Wednesday, 22nd of January 2020, at 8pm
3 Feb
h. 20:00

'Soundscapes of the World' with the Mestizo Sax Quartet

‘Soundscapes of the World’ takes the listener on a journey through classical music to ethnic/folk inspired pieces written by composers from all over the world including the styles of klezmer, tango, jazz and more! Enjoy the Mestizo Sax Quartet at Technopolis 20, on Monday, 3rd of February 2020, at 8pm.
7 Feb
h. 20:00

‘What is this thing called love?’ (‘Ti einai auto pou to lene agapi?’)

Love is an eternal matter, a problem/question that has no end. Many composers, singers and songwriters praised love, through romantic, painful, happy, sad but also tragic songs. The tenderness of love, its madness, its frustration, its power, its endurance, its refusal but also the giving of love, are some of the issues raised through the Greek songs that will be presented at Technopolis 20 in Paphos, on February 7, at 8pm by Sotiris, Evagoras and Demetris Karageorgis.
13 Feb
h. 20:00

Ioannis Vafeas feat. Daniele Gorgone

The well-known jazz musicians, Ioannis Vafeas (drums) and Michael Messios (double bass) meet the Italian pianist and composer Daniele Gorgone, who will be in Cyprus for the first time, at Technopolis 20, on Thursday, 13th of February, at 8pm.
21 Feb
h. 20:00

Sara So Far - Jazz Poems In Blue

Through original compositions, drawing from jazz influences, you will be taken on a journey of familiar heart-hugging melodies, as well as new compositions and old ones re-arranged and re-loved. Sara So Far for an exciting solo project at Technopolis 20, on Friday, 21st of February, at 8pm.
22 Feb
h. 19:30

Triptycho Ensemble: From Menuet to Tango

‘Triptycho Ensemble’, a unique combination of trio in Cyprus, that consists o guitar, viola and flute, will perform at Technopolis 20, on Saturday, 22nd of February at 7:30pm.