Members Cards

Become a Technopolis 20 Member by obtaining one of our three Membership Cards, the one that suits you better and take advantage of the benefits offered to you:

Technopolis 20 Member’s Card €20
2 free events
1 event half price

Technopolis 20 Member’s Card €50
4 free events
4 events half price

Technopolis 20 Member’s Card €100
12 free events

Terms and Conditions:
* Membership period: one year from the date of subscription
* Front rows seats reserved for member’s cards holders
* Reservations are necessary at 70002420 a week before the event mentioning the member’s card usage
* The member’s card can be used by more than one person
* Ask for your member’s card at Technopolis 20, in any of our events
* Choose your free concerts from around 120 varied events per year