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Starts on:24/02/2016 04:30


Either one feels insufficient when listening to classical music, or indifferent, the question is whether the classical music still is (or can be) accessible today. What would inspire someone to attend a classical music concert? What kind of presentation would it take to prove (or show) to the listener that the classical music can concern (and offer many things to) anyone?

A discussion not only for the classical music lovers but especially for those who have never attended a concert of classical music and who believe that this kind of music does not express them and has nothing to offer them.

The above considerations and questions will be discussed at the 5th Open Discussion of the “Autour d’un café” series, on Wednesday, February 24 at 7:30pm, at Technopolis 20. Coordinator will be the musician Chrysostomos Neofytou.

The discussion will be in Greek.
Free Entrance
A collaboration with Kimonos Arts Centre.


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