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Starts on:07/06/2016 03:30


The Cultural Centre “Technopolis 20” organises a series of classes on the history of cinema in English language with the specialist on history and theory of cinema, Doros Demetriou. The courses are suitable for all who wish to gain knowledge about cinema and to improve their relationship with the (seventh) Art, regardless of age, profession, education, knowledge, etc.

Subjects that we will examine:
- History of cinema (1895 – 2015)
- Basic theories, movements and trends of cinema
- Important creators
- The motion picture - interpretation and assessment
- Basic techniques
- Relationship of cinema with other arts

Dates: 6-7, 13-14, 21-22 and 27-28 of June
Classes are available in English. Please reserve your seat at 70002420 until the 3rd of June. For further information you can contact Doros Demetriou at 99435754.
Cost of participation: €100 for all sessions or €15 per session

Detailed programme
Seminar 1: The birth of cinema. The first films. The silent cinema in the US. Hollywood.
Seminar 2: The silent cinema in Europe. The first masterpieces.
Seminar 3: The introducing of sound. The first silent films. Hollywood until 1950. The cinema in the world.
Seminar 4: European cinema until 1950.
Seminar 5: American postwar cinema. Cinema in other continents.
Seminar 6: Post-war European cinema. New Waves in Europe and elsewhere.
Seminar 7: Modern and contemporary world cinema.
Seminar 8: Cinema in the digital era. The future of cinema.

The seminars include several excerpts from the listed movies and also other visual material.


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