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Starts on:15/05/2016 03:30


Venue: Cultural Centre Technopolis 20
Duration: 14.5.2016 – 21.5.2016
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:30 – 18:00 & Saturday 9:30 – 14:00
Artists participating: Anastasia Lambaski, Vassos Demetriou, George Georgiades, Maria Mina, Celia Potoudis Macpherson, Fotos Dimitriou and Christina Constantinou Giusti

The exhibition opening will take place on Saturday, May 14 at 19:30 by the artist Peter Moore. A cocktail will follow.

“Having the clay as their common supply, seven contemporary Cypriot artists present their latest work. Each one, through their individual path exhibit their inspirations. Modern local ceramics art is at its peak, offering masterpieces both in terms of technique and of quality. Cyprus has the art of ceramics deeply rooted in its tradition for centuries. Therefore, it is very interesting to see the evolution of this noble art through the works of such people who love the clay, giving to it shape, form and colour.

Following the world modern ceramics art, someone can see that the small island of Cyprus has nothing to envy from other countries and it should be mentioned that there are many prices awarded to our artists, having to confront with other internationally known artists. The important thing is the collaborations between the artists regarding both the exchange of ideas and techniques, and the support that is being developed between them. Therefore, they exhibit together, in the enchanting town of Paphos, offering the public the opportunity to find out more about this art, but also to get to know the Cypriot Ceramists.

So, let's leave ourselves in the experienced hands to those who conjure the mud and make ART, who indicate their presence and who create culture at a time when the values daily disappear. Art is the hope for future generations. Let's not let it be lost, it is necessary for everyone.”

Andreas Paraskeva, Artist

A few words about the artists
Anastasia Lambaski
Anastasia Lambaski graduated from a ceramics’ school in Athens. She continued her studies by taking part in several seminars regarding techniques in firing for ceramics. She has her own ceramic studio in Athienou and she has participated in many exhibitions in Cyprus, as well as in Greece, Malta and Sicily. She is member of the Cyprus Association of Ceramics.

Vassos Demetriou
Vassos Demetriou studied ceramic art in Italy at the Instituto d' Arte per la Ceramica - Faenza. Since 1982 he is working in his own studio in Larnaca. He specializes in a number of ceramic techniques such as raku, stoneware, terra sigillata, copper matte raku, and paperclay. He has participated in many exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, winning 5 prizes at the Panhellenic Ceramic Exhibition in Athens.

George Georgiades
George Georgiades was born in Kyrenia in 1959. His connection with clay dates back to his school days, when he was helping his father who was a potter as well. After he finished school, he was working at his father’s workshop for ten years. In 1988, he opened his own workshop in Lemba with his wife Sotiroula. He throws all his pots on the potter’s wheel, using stoneware clay and fire them in a gas kiln at 1260C. He makes his own glazes mainly matt and in earthy colours. He participated in six group exhibitions in Cyprus and three group exhibitions abroad.

Maria Mina
Maria Mina graduated from the Graphic Arts and Interior Design department of the Makarios III Technical School in Nicosia. She participated in different ceramics’ workshops. From 1995 she is being collaborating with the Cyprus Handicraft Centre, the Cyprus Museum and other organisations. She has participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Italy and also at the European Ceramic Context 2014 in Denmark. She has been awarded the 2nd price at the Panhellenic Ceramics Competition in 2016

Celia Potoudis Macpherson
Celia Potoudis Macpherson makes hand built sculptural vessels. Her simple forms have their roots in ancient and traditional pottery. They are slowly built up using coils of clay that are smoothed and burnished to a gentle sheen. The raku firing allows the fire to have the final say and embodies the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which celebrates the whims of nature and the appreciation of irregularities that arise out of the making process. Each piece is truly unique and can never be copied. "I love the way clay is both timeless and universal. It connects us to other cultures and generations and yet allows us to express contemporary values; ancient traditions with a new twist."

Fotos Dimitriou
Fotos Dimitriou was born in Famagusta in 1955. He graduated from the Prague Academy of Applied Arts where he gaining the title of the academic sculptor, specializing in porcelain. He made 14 personal exhibitions at Gallery Apocalypse and many international group exhibitions in Greece, Egypt, Malta, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and Belgium.

Christina Constantinou Giusti
She studied art at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome and she had further studies in ceramics at the Hammersmith School of Art in London. For several years Christina had a studio of ceramics in London. Today she is settled in Nicosia where she works and exhibits. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Europe and Cyprus.


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