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Starts on:11/04/2016 04:00


“A real musical journey over to melancholic notes, but does not create any feeling of sadness” Antonis Limnaios

On Sunday, April 10 at 8pm, Savvas Charalambous will present his personal album “When the dreams take place” at Technopolis 20. Subsequently, he will travel us with the other musicians to a musical acoustic journey with well-known songs.

The solo album “When the dreams take place” was a dream of 20 years and each piece is a personal moment of Savvas musical career. For this personal work he choose two of his best friends, Costas Ioannou to edit the mastering of the album and Giannis Sofokli to design the cover. Therefore, with the music, orchestration and lyrics written by himself, along with the atmospheric voice of Ines Kowalska the album ″When The Dreams Take Place″ is created.

The piece “You were there” is recorded with Angelos Doukas on keyboards, Nikos Doukas on bass and Vasilis Vasiliou on percussion. With a different style, the “I saw an angel” represents the album’s aesthetics and sound, the title track “When the dreams take place” is really a dream piece, while the most moving moment is found at the sound of the piece “Mama”. The piece “In my heart” is recorded with Antros Athanasiou on keyboards and Petros Sofokli on drums. Lastly, the “Hear me lord” is the gem of the album, with an enjoyable melody and wonderful lyrics.

Entrance: 5 euro
Reservations and Information: 70002420

A few words about Savvas Charalambous
Savvas Charalambous was born in Paphos in 1975 and from the age of 13 he studied music and had guitar lessons. Eight years later he joins his first band called “NEMESIS” that made it first demo album “Innocent Prisoners” in 1997. While Savvas has already started to follow his own musical roads, in 1998 he formed the band “EN LITHI ERASTAI” that released the album “Akamas” in 2000, while they were playing in different places in Cyprus.

In 2003, Savvas with his electric guitar created the band “LOW ON SATURN” that had a more aggressive but pure sound and in 2005 it released the album “42-42”. The band has a success in Cyprus and Switzerland where it gives several concerts. In 2007 one of the most successful groups is created called “UNDER THE NUMBER” and in 2009 they release the album “Never Ending Ride” with a hard rock sound. The band starts a tour around Cyprus, with one of their most important moment where they play with Paul di Anno, first frontman of “IRONMAIDEN”, while in 2011 the band released the album "New Norn" with alternative and nu- metal sound.


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