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Starts on:06/09/2018 20:30


A music evening with five clarinets at Technopolis 20, on Thursday, 6th of September 2018, at 20:30. Clariverse Clarinet ensemble is an extraordinary mixture of clarinettists that their love for the Clarinet and music brought them together, to share this passion of theirs. Clariverse were founded by Mario Marcou a teacher and performer in Cyprus Music Schools in 2017 at his effort to help students gain more experience in performance.

The Quintet will present a varied repertoire with famous classical pieces from various eras to well-known film and Disney pieces.

Musician playing Anastasia Kattou, Vasia Panagiotou, Nefeli Maliali, Paraskevi Antoniou and Marios Marcou.

Entrance: €10.
Reservations necessary at 70002420 (calls only).


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