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Starts on:13/06/2018 20:30


Larkos Larkou, from 2009 until today, has put music on to almost half of the dialectical poetry by D. Lipertis (64 melodic poems). These are complete (non-semantic) melodies of poems from the four volumes of D. Lipeptis' ‘Tzipriotika traouthkia’, which highlight the most important spectrum of his idiomatic creation, with emphasis on his social, love and teaching poetry.

The work is stylistically orchestrated around the 1900s, a period created by D. Lipertis, and the musical genres of that period are depicted in poetry and melodication (canada, tango, rebetiko, smyrnaikos etc.) through the composer's personal stance.

A selection of these songs will be presented at Technopolis 20 garden, on Wednesday, 13th of June 201, at 8:30pm.

Musicians performing are:
Larkos Larkou: voice, lute, guitar, tzouras, mandola
Atys Larkou: violin, voice
Panayiotis Tsappis: Ney, guitar, voice
Marianna Mumtzi: Norman, percussion
Omiros Andreou: double bass, electric bass

Entrance: 10 euro
Reservations are necessary at 70002420 (calls only)


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