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Starts on:07/11/2017 18:30


The Goethe-Institut, in the context of the Weeks of German Language presents the screening of the film “My name is Victoria”, by Sebastian Schipper, at Technopolis 20 in Paphos, on Tuesday, 7th of November 2017 at 19:30.

The movie “My name is Vicoria” pulls viewers into a unique adventure. In a single take, a group of would-be tough guys and a young Spanish woman wind their way through a long Berlin night.

Director: Sebastian Schipper, HD, colour, 140 min.
German & Greek subtitles
Free Entrance

Based on his own screenplay, actor and director Sebastian Schipper outlines the story of a breathless night in the streets of the metropolis. The camera seamlessly links the passing time and the numerous locations, drawing the viewer directly into the action. A film that comes closer to Berlin’s contemporary night-time world than any before. Sebastian Schipper has always been a director who does not believe in steady and calculated busywork, and his work also reflects this.

At the Berlinale 2015, MY NAME IS VICTORIA received a Silver Bear for Sturla Brandth Grøvlen’s cinematography, the Berliner Morgenpost Readers’ Jury Award and the German Art House Cinema Guild Award.

At the award ceremony for the German Film Awards 2015 (Lola Awards), MY NAME IS VICTORIA was honoured in the following categories: Lola in Gold for the Best Feature Film and Lola Awards for the Best Direction, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Score.

Director’s Biography: Sebastian Schipper was born on 8 May 1968 in Hanover. After completing his A- Levels, he studied drama from 1992-1995 at the Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts in Munich. He then acted at the Munich Kammerspiele and had many supporting roles in films, including in “Acting It Out” (1992) by Sönke Wortmann, “Run Lola Run” (1998) and “The Princess and the Warrior” (2000) by Tom Tykwer. In 1999, Sebastian Schipper directed “Gigantic”, his feature film debut. The film about three teenage friends who spend one final night together in Hamburg received many awards, including the German Film Prize in Silver.

In 2006, Schipper presented his second major directorial effort with “A Friend of Mine”. A cross between a comedy and a character study, the film, with Daniel Brühl, Jürgen Vogel and Sabine Timoteo in the lead roles, examines the intimate friendship between two very dissimilar men and how this friendship is threatened when the two fall in love with the same woman. Sebastian Schipper’s next project was presented at the Berlinale in 2009. “Sometime in August” is a reinterpretation of Goethe’s “Elective Affinities” and tells the story of a handful of people in a house in the countryside who become affected by turbulent emotions one summer. In the following years, Schipper was especially active as an actor, including in Tom Tykwer’s “Three” (2010). Since 2013, Schipper has also been part of the permanent cast of the Hamburg-based “Tatort” episodes.


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