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Starts on:02/06/2017 23:30


The CHACMA Performance, a Denmark based independent theatre dance group invites you to a unique fusion of dance and physical theatre at Technopolis 20 garden in Paphos, on Friday, 2nd of June 2017, at 8:30pm.

In a unique fusion between acting, physical theatrical performance, sound and dance, CHACMA unfolds a strong visual impression with four performers on stage. Based on their own lives, they examine how the enormous pressure from society, has an impact on our psychological standards and ideals. CHACMA's main vision is to make people observe themselves and our reality with new investigative eyes. CHACMA has created a performance about stress, mammalian instincts and the struggle to be a “fucking superwoman”...

The “ROBUST” performance is an investigation into societal diseases of the modern western world, including anxiety, stress and depression. It explores and asks if the individual is to blame for being sick. We ask ourselves if society is the decease and citizens the symptom. Are people to blame for the global deterioration of humanitarian ideals, or are they healthy individuals in a world of demise? A sturdy persona is obliged to function well in society and for simply to survive, is required a rigid mindset. This performance looks into what kind of person you need to be in order to become strong enough to survive in a world with darkness at the verge of the horizon.

The artists involved:
All the members work professionally as actors and dancers in Aarhus and Copenhagen:
Trine Kinch (actor and director), Ludmilla Faber (actor and dancer), Laura Feline Ebbesen (actor and dancer) and Maria Ulbrandt Laumark (actor and dancer).

Entrance: 10 euro
Reservations necessary at 70002420.


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