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Starts on:17/03/2017 22:00


“Time is Out of Joint” is an experimental audio-visual project that includes moving image, music performance and a workshop with the visual artist Elia Neophytou, the music producers and performers Miltiades Michailides and Demetris Kallasides and the animator Charalambos Margaritis. This charity event will take place on Friday, 17th of March, at 7pm at the studio of Technopolis 20, and all net proceeds will be donated to the financial support of the Karaiskakio Foundation.

“Time is Out of Joint” offers audio-visual performances and a workshop which explore and reflect upon the ambiguity of time and the discourse of 'nowness'. The performances involve two collaborative projects, namely “Τhousand phases” and “Spectral Loops”.

“Thousand phases” is a project between the visual artist Elia Neophytou and music producer and performer Miltiades Michailides, also known as Hades Militia. Is the journey where the sound and vision merge to create a sensory scene of emotions? It explores the relationship of the moving image and electronic abstract sounds, combined together and creating a new atmospheric entity. Experimental sounds fuse with the everyday imagery we all perceive and never pay attention. The images become lost information, lost memory and a distorted visual, where the object becomes a subject and something becomes nothing. A poetic synthesis is constructed by two audio-visual cosmoses seeking to find the importance of the everyday unnoticed pleasures.

“Spectral loops” embodies the concept of 'eternal recurrence', a central theme to the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. The project raises a hypothetical question, in which time is viewed as being cyclical and the universe cycle through the same events infinitely. It engages live animation performed by Charalambos Margaritis accompanied by an experimental Dj-set from Demetris Kallasides, which introduces a range of cinematic compositions and exploratory sound.

Following the performances, a discussion will take place to gather manifold temporal experiences and explore their dynamics; challenging the linear transition of ideas and attempt to dissolve boundaries between isolated perceptions and perspectives.

All proceeds will be donated to the financial support of the Karaiskakio Foundation

Entrance: 7 euro
Reservations necessary at 70002420

Soundsystem and vison provided by Exotica Music Events and Geisha Productions.


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