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Starts on:09/01/2017 13:00


Are you searching for handmade gifts? Are you looking to buy something original, handmade and unique for someone special, including yourself? The exhibition space of the Cultural Centre “Technopolis 20” is currently exhibiting handmade arts and crafts, every day from 10am to 2pm.

Technopolis 20 is giving the opportunity to people who enjoy to use their hands to create their own arts and crafts to showcase their work and offer it for sale. Every one of these craftspeople and artisans has different talents, skills, abilities and ideas, and they all meet under the same roof and are being brought together into one location. 

Technopolis 20 aims to foster the talents of the local craftspeople and artisans, creating opportunities to promote and display their unique and original works to the public.

The types of artists and nature of their work is extremely varied. Visit and find jewelleries, leather and textile items, brooches, textiles, stone creations, wall and other decorative works, painted traditional shoe lasts and water gourds, bags and scarves made of silk and wool and several other handmade creations.

Visiting Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm

If you want also to exhibit you artwork contact us at 70002420 or [email protected]


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