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Reservations Until:09/03/2016 19:30
Starts on:09/03/2016 17:30
Ends on:09/03/2016 19:30
Location:Technopolis 20


Technopolis 20 in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut begins screenings of German movies starting on Wednesday, March 9, with the movie “A Godsend”.

Screenings start at 7:30pm. Free Entrance.

“A Godsend” (Ein Geschenk der Götter)
Germany 2012–2014, director: Oliver Haffner, colour, 102min., German with English subtitles
Anna, an actress, unexpectedly loses her job at a small German town theatre. She can't expect much help from the local employment agency – but as it so happens, there is an administrator at the agency who, while not very militant, is enthusiastic about theatre. Anna takes on the job of teaching drama to eight long-term unemployed people. Initially, none of them are particularly enthusiastic about it, nor are they exalted about the drama “Antigone”, which Anna wants to rehearse with them. But then the skeptical and difficult individuals manage to draw together and form a collective after all, giving all of them renewed hope. A GODSEND is a tragicomedy, where the stage is the setting for a collective restoration of the self-respect lost by each of the individuals.

Filmportal.de: http://www.filmportal.de/en/movie/ein-geschenk-der-goetter_
19th German Film Festival 2015 Singapore:

German Screen Actors Awards 2015: Best CastAwards Bavarian Film Award 2015: Best Leading Actress (Schubert)
Bieberacher Film Festival 2014: Golden Beaver for Best Feature FilmFBW 2014: Munich Film Festival 2014: BR-3 Audience Award (Best Film) Förderpreis Neues Young German Cinema Award (Best Production)