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Starts on:07/04/2016 17:30


Can individuals and communities benefit through the arts? Can the arts act as a vehicle for a better and sustainable community? If yes, how can creative activities help a community drive change, tackle local challenges and raise awareness of major social issues while fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of arts? What is the value of interaction and collaboration between artists, creative individuals and different community groups?

Most of us realise that culture is essential to communities and that art is also an important aspect of culture. Art can become a means that enables people to share their experiences, thoughts, feelings and through which they can express their identity.

Mary Chojnowski, an artist with a rich background in community work with refugee families, children and other community groups in Paphos, will share with us her personal experiences and the impact that this work has for her and for the other parties.

Join us for the 7th Open Discussion, of the series entitled “Autour d’un café” on Thursday, April 7, at 7:30pm.

Free Entrance
A collaboration with Kimonos Arts Centre.


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