12th of December 2015,

Children and parents will have the opportunity to enjoy the shadow theatre performance “Karagiozis’ Engagement” by the group KaragkioZEIS everywhere! at Technopolis 20, on Saturday, December 12 at 3:30pm.

This performance is a traditional comedy of Greek shadow theatre. The performance will be in Greek. But children and adults will still enjoy it even if they don't understand the language.

Karagiozis gets employed as a servant at a rich man’s house in order to welcome his guests who come to meet his young and beautiful daughter, as she is going to choose to marry one of them. As usual, Karagiozis overturns everything...

A creation workshop of shadow theater's figures will follow, where the children will have the opportunity to use the materials and the technique that the professionals use.

Figures' player: Thodoris Kostidakis

Tickets: 6 ευρώ
Limited number of seats. Reservations at 70002420

A few words about Thodoris Kostidakis
Thodoris Kostidakis is a shadow-theatre performer, a drama workshops facilitator, with university studies on architecture and holds an MA on theories of space and design. He learned the art of shadow theatre from his father, Takis Kostidakis – including performing and figure making.

In 2012, he started the project “ΚαραγκιόΖΕΙΣ παντού!” with ‘Arts and Moods Workshop’, in which he collaborates with several artists and artistic teams, in order to suggest events and performances based on the art of shadow theatre

‘Karagiozis’ performances take place in art exhibitions, creative workshops, educational courses, music and/or theatrical performances, storytelling (Οκλαδόν) etc in festivals and events at public spaces, schools, museums etc.

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27th of November 2015,

After the success of the first meeting of an open debates series entitled “Autour d’un café” in collaboration with the Kimonos Arts Centre, we continue on Friday, November 27 at 7:30pm, this time with subject of architecture and its relationship with art.

How is architecture defined and what is the role of the architect in the modern world? From the time that man comes out of the cave - the physical form of habitation – he created the need for the invention - by himself – regarding the space in which will live.

The architecture throughout the ages is drawn as a 'project' within the needs of society and history. The social, political and economic conditions affect the way in which our world was "built" and is "built".

In the modern world where the speed of information and the use of media inundate man, architecture is invited to support a lifestyle that leaves traditional structures and approaches new technologies or also applies them as synthetic authorities.

The modern traditional forms are being converted into new architectural - technological inventions. The shapes -habitation containers- of modern architecture are being transformed into spatial patterns of multimedia applications.

What is created as a need to the concept of habitation today?

How the architecture as a practice creates possibilities for new thinking - survival - perception of life?

If the architecture has the power to shape the conscience / our relationship with space and the everyday life, then the architect's role is identified, to some extent, with the role of the artist. The architecture teeter on the verge of art and invention - it is and it is not somehow management, proposal, capsizing, contradiction, revolution, art....

Join us in a nice and relaxed atmosphere, with coffee and good company.

Free Entrance.
The discussion will be in Greek.

Moderator of the second discussion will be the architect Christiana Karagiorgi.

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18th of December 2015,

7 days before Christmas, on Friday, December 18 at 8 pm enjoy a beautiful Christmas music evening at Technopolis 20, with a rich repertoire of Greek and English songs.

With your presence you will help the important work of the voluntary group "then came the spring" that supports people with haematological diseases.

The following musicians from Nicosia will be playing: Chara Papamichael (voice – piano) and Constantinos Andronikou (voice).

Entrance: 10 euro
Reservations: 70002420
All net proceeds will be given for the support of the voluntary group “then the spring came”

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12th of December 2015,

Christmas is coming and the Dog Valley Rescue Center needs your support in order to provide hope and be able to help homeless dogs.

Come and enjoy popular jazz and pop songs in a version you have not heard before, on Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 20:00, at Technopolis 20 and at the same time support a good cause.

The musicians that will be performing are Marianna Georgiou (voice – piano) and Pantelitsa Socratous (voice – guitar).

Entrance: 12 euro
Reservations: 70002420
All net proceeds will be given for the support of the Dog Valley Rescue Center.

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6th of December 2015,
10am - 5pm.

The Cultural Centre Technopolis 20 in Pafos invites you to its 2nd Christmas Art Market that will take place on Sunday, 6th of December 2015, between 10 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

The Christmas Market for children and adults will host artists, professionals and amateurs creators, but also voluntary organizations in a beautiful and festive environment.

There you will be able to find handmade creations such as jewelry, Christmas ornaments, candies, bags, books, scarves and many more, ideal for your christmas gifts, while you can also enjoy your coffee at Technopolis 20 coffee shop.

At 12pm a children choir will sing Christmas songs, while at 3pm children will have the opportunity to enjoy the narration of Christmas fairy-tales for free.

For more information contact us at 70002420 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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November 11,

Open discussion at Technopolis 20 coffee shop about the questions that contemporary art creates to the uninitiated viewer. What is its need? Which is its utility? How can one appreciate it? This gathering is launching a series of open discussions around the art, open to the public, in a nice and relaxed atmosphere, with coffee and good company. Moderator of the first discussion will be Charalambos Margaritis. A collaboration between Technopolis 20 and Kimonos Art Center.

The discussion will be in Greek.

Free Entrance

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November 12,

Greek songs that were created because of important historical events, songs that were loved and continue to inspire.

Enjoy beautiful Greek music performed by the young musicians Savvas Chrysostomou, Nicolas Tsagkaris and Stelios Christodoulou, on Thursday, November 12, at 21:00.

Entrance: €6
Please reserve your tickets at 70002420 in advance.

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December 4,

Andreas P. Nicolaou (violin) and Kyriakos Kyriakou (piano) return to Technopolis 20 for another beautiful music night entitled “Meditation”, on Friday, December 4, at 8pm.

The programme will include works by J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, L.V. Beethoven, F. Schubert, Dvořák, J. Massenet, R. Schumann, P. I. Tchaikovsky, G. Faure, Z. Fibich, P. Nadbal, F. Kreisler.

The concert will take place in memory of Maria and Panagiotis Nicolaou.

Entrance: €10
Please reserve your tickets at 70002420 in advance.

A few words about the artists
ANDREAS P. NICOLAOU: Born in Yeroskipou, Paphos, is one of the most talented Cypriot musicians. He graduated from the Concervatory and Music Academy of Prague with distinction and he possesses the MgA (Master of Fine Arts) title. He has given many concerts and broadcasts in Cyprus as well as in the Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Israel, France and Greece.

KYRIAKOS KYRIAKOY: Born in Limassol. He studied piano in the Czech Republic at Charles University and he has the Mgr title (Master of Fine Arts). He succesfully participated in many competitions and courses for piano. He has held a lot of recitals in the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, UK and Cyprus. He has been cooperating with A.Nicolaou since 2009 and their repertoire contains works from the baroque period, to the present, and also contains Greek and Cypriot music.

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