“BreadMatters IV – Crossing Boundaries”, Cyprus 2014

15th of November, 18:00 - Film Screening

23rd of November, 19:00 - Young Artists Exhibition Opening Night

BreadMatters is an interdisciplinary, participatory, collaborative and intercultural platform consisting of exhibitions and concurrent symposium that question and focus on multiple issues around bread and the importance of bread in the history of humankind. It deals with the cultural, social, philosophical, humanitarian and political significance of bread in society. The concept of BreadMatters evolved out of Inês R. Amado's research and practice through a series of works during the 1990's, and was formulated as a project, which was then realized in Portugal, Poland and Ireland.

BreadMatters comes to Cyprus in the form of a symposium/debate, workshops and exhibitions that will take place at ARTOS foundation in Nicosia, The Ploumisto Psomi Museum in Limassol and the Cultural Centre "Technopolis 20" in Pafos, between the dates 11th of November – 10th of December 2014.

Saturday, 15th of November 2014, 18:00
Film Screening "Cypriots Bread" (2007) and discussion with the filmmaker Paschalis Papapetrou
The bread of Cyprus, according to an 18th century traveller, was not only an exceptional quality, but also the best to be found in the entire Levant. For the inhabitants of the island however, it was something even more important: it was a daily staple, necessary for survival. The long road leading from wheat to bread is also the path followed by this film, which "reaps" the last opportunities for immortalizing scenes featuring individuals from the Cypriot countryside who for years were individuals cereal-crop cultivation. In the film, bread is presented in all its manifestations, from the daily staple, always present on the table, to the sanctified "artos" used in holy communication, as well as the traditional breads associated with the major religious feasts. In addition, the significance of bread in the customs of the Cypriot people illustrates the ethological aspect - and value - of this almost universal staple. Director – Scenario: Paschalis Papapetrou, Director of photography: Nicos Avraamides, Narration: Costas Charalambides, Pambos Sakkas, Editing: Paschalis Papapetrou, Sound: George Potamides, Lighting: Savvas Thrasivoulou, Music: Michalis Mozoras, Produced by: Anadysis Films Ltd, Duration: 55'

17th – 22nd of November 2014
Young Artists BreadMatters workshops and work in relation with the space

Sunday, 23rd of November 2014, 19:00
Young Artists Exhibition Opening Night: "The future of Bread. Re-creating a new attitude, focus and identity towards Bread"
This exhibition is part of the overall project BreadMatters IV-Crossing Boundaries, Intersecting the Grain. The purpose of this event is to re-establish and re-connect to the value of bread in the cultural, artistic and socio-political context. Young artists come together to investigate, question and interpret the presence, use and value of bread by addressing issues of the future, as well as current issues of contemporary Cyprus. 

The artists participating are: Manolis Hadjimanolis, Irene Zenonos, Marianna Constanti, Maria Kyriacou, Stavroula Georgiou, Elena Daniel, Maria Efthymiou, Anastasia Papaonisiforou, Rafaella Constantinou, Andreas Papamichael, Marinos Houtris, Demetra Socratous, Aris Stefani, Aggela Ioannidou, Andriana Nikolaidou, Charalambos Charalambous, Aggela Pisiara, Maxim Anferof.

Duration of the exhibition: 23rd of November – 10th of December 2014
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 – 13:00 & 16:00 – 21:00, Saturday: 9:00 – 13:00

18, Nikolaos Nikolaides Ave., 8010, Paphos, Tel: 70002420, www.technopolis20.com


NICOSIA: ARTos Foundation
"BreadMatters - Crossing Boundaries Intersecting the Grain" is a platform of exchange and interaction, and a setting for critique through a programme of exhibition and debate. Curated by Inês Amado and Achilleas Kentonis, it contextualises contemporaneous socio-cultural issues with the medium of bread being the connecting thread for all the participants.

This is an interdisciplinary art programme that addresses and explores the relationship with audiences through participation, collaboration, interaction, dialogue and exchange; through a process of crossing the boundaries and the divisions between inside and outside, the artist and the non-artist, creating connections, bridging experiences and knowledge.

The program focuses on geopolitical and cross disciplinary issues and approaches, the art practice as a space for bridging and connecting the "contemporary correct" and the "ritualistic", the "popular" and probing the everyday commodity of the basic food stuff, that is bread.

"Crossing Boundaries Intersecting the Grain" looks to the future, reflects on the past and engages the present. The changeability of the future is our only known certainty.

The artists: Mo Throp (UK), Luisa Menano (Portugal/Abu Dhabi),Maria Lusitano (Portugal/UK), Susanna Egle (Germany),Katerina Xenofontos (Cyprus/UK), Inês Amado (Portugal/UK), Dave Lawrence (UK/Finland), Maria Kheirkhah (Iran/UK), Maria Paschalidou (Greece), Maria Lino (Cuba/USA), Keith Piper (UK/Caribbean), David Seaton (UK/Spain), Maria Papacharalambous (Cyprus), Haytham Nawar (Egypt), Susan McCauley & Michael Buckley (Australia)

Thursday, 12th of November 2014: Opening Night
Bread Matters Public Open Forum (Presentations & Debate) at 17:00 – 19:00
Exhibition Opening at 19:30

Duration of the exhibition: 12th – 29th of November2014
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 15:00 – 19:00

64, Ay. Omoloyites Ave, Nicosia, Tel.: 22 445 455, www.artosfoundation.org


LIMASSOL: "To Ploumisto Psomi" Decorated Bread Museum
Saturday, 14th of November 2014 at 19:00: Opening night
Bread Matters Interactions (Performance, Music & Poetry)

Opening Hours:
14th of November – 14th of December 2014
Monday – Saturday 9:30 - 12:30 & 16:00 - 19:00 (except Wednesday and Saturday afternoons)

9, Gregori Afxentiou Street, 3021, Limassol, Tel: 25340347, 99526772, www.technodromio.org